Do you remember how much you enjoyed rowing?

Now you have more time, why not take it up again? We have ‘Vets’ from 35 to 70 rowing frequently.

TTRC rowing

Get fit, fast!

Feeling rusty on your technique?

Do not worry, you will get some coaching to help iron out the rough spots! You can also join the intermediates group if you feel so out of touch. It’s amazing how quickly it all comes back – just like riding a bike.

Worried you are not fit enough?

Rowing  will get you fit – fast. We have a scientifically designed training programme that maximises return on your time. You can use it at times that suit you (many use their local gyms and only appear at the club at the weekend). It’s still one of the most exhilarating ways to keep fit (in both body and mind).

TTRC Veterans

All three of these rowers came back after more than twenty years away from the sport.

Ready to return to rowing?

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